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Community College of Allegheny County

We need a shorter name!

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Community College of Allegheny County CCAC

Everyone else has one, why not us?

I created this site because I was putzing around one day and I saw that Pitt had a community, Carlow had a community, CMU had a community, Chatham had a community, even the Art Institute had a community, so why not us? When I started this, there were 140 people out there who listed dear 'ol CCAC as their alma mater, so there has to be SOMEONE besides myself who's interested.  Unfortunately, ccac was already taken by the California College of the Arts, so I had to settle for ccac_pittsburgh instead.  Hope you like it.

This is a open community for:
  • Anyone interested in attending CCAC.  We've got lots of experience and can probably answer any questions you have.
  • Anyone attending CCAC.  Events, questions, commentary always welcome.
  • Anyone formerly attending CCAC.  Many many people have passed through our halls over the years.  Some have even graduated...
  • Anyone teaching at CCAC.  I wouldn't mind hearing a bit from life on the other side of the podium.
  • Anyone else.  Hey, it's a community college, so we want to hear from the community!
OK, let's have a few ground rules:
  1. I like to have as few rules as necessary.  So long as there is no need for additional rules, I won't have to make them
  2. I assume we're all adults here, so I hope we can all act it.  I'm going to ask that any coarse language or anything others may deem inappropriate be placed behind an tag with an appropriate warning.  If you don't know how, the FAQ can be found HERE.  Namecalling, personal attacks, flamewars, trolling and other childish behavior will not be tolerated.  Complaining about the last time the financial aid office (or similar problems) screwed you over, however, is ENCOURAGED.
  3. Some of us (OK, me finally got DSL!!) are on dialup, so please keep that in mind when posting pictures and resize them if necessary.  As with your langauge, I ask you place pictures not safe for work behind an tag with an appropriate warning.  Again, instructions can be found HERE.  CCAC offers its students 10 megs of space on their servers for posting their own webpages, I find it useful to upload pictures there.
  4. I'm not doing this on MySpace.  EVER.  They're heavy on bandwidth and I'm in dialup hell owned by Fox News.
  5. We'd love to hear about your local event, be it on of off campus, but no spamming, please.
  6. If you are going to cross-post your message, I ask that you leave a link to any other communities where you had posted (so they get some free advertising) and do the same for us on the posts there (so WE get some free advertising).
A few handy links (please feel free to suggest additions):
  • CCAC Central - Register for classes, drop/add courses, and most importantly, get your grades!
  • CCAC E-Mail - Personally, I think it stinks, but some professors insist on using it.
  • Blackboard - Some professors use it, some don't, Odds are you're going to need it someday.
  • YOUR Webpage at CCAC - Instructions on how to access your space on CCAC's webservers.
  • kit_ccac - Gathering of Alternative Faith Practitioners at the Allegheny Campus
I will be happy to post links to any campus organizations, just as soon as I have some.

If you have any questions, queries, quandries, additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, corrections, or comments, feel free to contact me (jtmulc)

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